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Two full years have passed since the last major update to NVDI 4.1. The long awaited English version of NVDI 5 is now available.

There is no need to specify a special version of NVDI any more. One version of NVDI 5 works on all systems (Atari/Mac/PC). Even Atari graphic cards (ET 4000, MatGraph and NOVA) are supported in this all-in-one release. A new installation program detects automatically which drivers are needed for your system.

NVDI 5 features

  • runs under TOS, MagiC for Atari, MagiC-PC, MagiCMac and on Atari graphic cards
  • supports background printing (requires MagiC 5 or later). The computer is completely free to do other things while the NVDI 5 print monitor manages the printout of documents to the printer
  • supports Speedo, TrueType and Postscript fonts
  • accelerates scrolling under MagiCMac. NVDI 5 utilises the QuickDraw acceleration of the Mac OS giving a massive speed increase up to a factor of 10, and more when scrolling on systems with a built-in graphic accelerator (PowerMac G3, 4400, 5500, 6500) or graphic cards with graphic processor (MacPicasso).
  • includes optimised 68040 code
  • accelerates bitmap output under MagiC-PC
  • works with Unicode (up to 65000 charcters per font)
  • accelerates text output under MagiC-PC
  • supports more than 50 different printers and allows installing of printer drivers without re-booting
  • includes a fax driver for TeleOffice 3
  • improves TrueType display
  • includes Fonttool to view, manage and print vector fonts
  • includes a compact picture viewer. Snapshot (58 kB) of font tool and picture viewer.
  • drives Epson printers with Microweave up to 1440 dpi
  • allows easy brightness and contrast changes of the printout
  • drives Canon printers in native mode up to 1200 dpi
  • accelerates greyscale and full colour printing
  • drives HP printers with Econo mode and ColorRet
  • simplifies printer configuration
  • drives Lexmark printers up to 1200 dpi
  • improves lineart displays though 'Nice Clip'
  • installs display drivers with native graphic code
  • includes the CPX control panel server COPS 1.08
  • accelerates GEMDOS printing of all programs under MagiC-PC
  • allows resolutions changes on ET4000 and Matgraph cards without re-booting (requires MagiC 4 or higher)
  • includes a Calamus SL display driver for MagiC-PC
  • supports long filenames
  • includes over 50 new VDI functions (colour management, dithering)
  • extensive HTML documentation and sample programs included


NVDI costs 76,18 Euro (incl. VAT), includes a english manual and is supplied on two HD (high density) floppy disks.


NVDI 3/4 owners can buy the NVDI 5 upgrade (new manual and two HD floppies) for 40,39 Euro (incl. VAT).


Please add 7,67 Euro to all EU orders. Note that we don't deliver to foreign countries via remboursement. Please use an euro cheque to pay.

Orders outside EU: Please contact our english distributor System Solutions.


  • Via mail: Behne & Behne Systemsoftware GbR, Lindenkamp 2a, 31515 Wunstorf, Germany
  • Phone: 0049-5031-91 41 20
  • Fax: 0049-5031-91 41 21
  • Email: Wilfried.Behne@t-online.de

Printers supported by NVDI 5

(Rev. 08/31/1999)

   Apple Laserwriter Select 360
   Canon BJ  10

   Canon BJ  300

   Canon BJC 50

   Canon BJC 70

   Canon BJC 80

   Canon BJ  200

   Canon BJC 210

   Canon BJC 240

   Canon BJC 250

   Canon BJC 600

   Canon BJC 610

   Canon BJC 620

   Canon BJC 800

   Canon BJC 820

   Canon BJC 4000

   Canon BJC 4100

   Canon BJC 4200

   Canon BJC 4300

   Canon BJC 4550

   Canon BJC 4650

   Canon BJC 5500

   Canon BJC 7000

   Epson FX

   Epson LQ

   Epson SQ 870

   Epson Stylus 800

   Epson Stylus 820

   Epson Stylus 1000

   Epson Stylus Color

   Epson Stylus Color 200

   Epson Stylus Color 400

   Epson Stylus Color 440

   Epson Stylus Color 500

   Epson Stylus Color 600

   Epson Stylus Color 640

   Epson Stylus Color 740

   Epson Stylus Color 800

   Epson Stylus Color 850
   Epson Stylus Color 900

   Epson Stylus Color II

   Epson Stylus Color IIs

   Epson Stylus Color Pro

   Epson Stylus Color Pro XL

   Epson Stylus Color 1500

   Epson Stylus Color 1520

   Epson Stylus Photo

   Epson Stylus Photo 700

   Epson Stylus Photo 750

   Epson Stylus Photo Ex

   GCC Elite 1212
   HP Deskjet 500

   HP Deskjet 510

   HP Deskjet 520

   HP Deskjet 540

   HP Deskjet 550 Color

   HP Deskjet 560 Color

   HP Deskjet 600

   HP Deskjet 660 Color

   HP Deskjet 670 Color

   HP Deskjet 680 Color

   HP Deskjet 690 Color

   HP Deskjet 820 Color

   HP Deskjet 850 Color

   HP Deskjet 870 Color

   HP Deskjet 890 Color

   HP Deskjet 1100 Color

   HP Deskjet 1120 Color

   HP Deskjet 1200 Color

   HP Laserjet I

   HP Laserjet II

   HP Laserjet IID/IIP/IISi

   HP Laserjet III/D/P/Si

   HP Laserjet 4/4M

   HP Laserjet 4L/4ML

   HP Laserjet 4P/4MP

   HP Laserjet 4Si

   HP Laserjet 4V/4MV

   HP Laserjet 5L

   HP Laserjet 5P/5MP

   HP Laserjet 5Si/5SiMx

   HP Laserjet 6L

   HP Laserjet 6P/MP

   Lexmark Optra RT+

   Lexmark Optra S 1250

   NEC P6

   NEC P7

   Atari Laser (no background printing)

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Last Updated 08/31/1999

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